I hear the Lord saying.  There is a strong wind taking hold out of the south.  This wind began to spin up two years ago.  Over the past two years, I the Lord have poured into this  wind developing it into a strong wind.  Look! says the Lord "as this strong wind begins its march northward.  There will be strong opposition from the north and west winds but it wil not be stopped.   As this south wind contiues to move northward it will gain in strenght and size.  This wind will become a movement with Heaven's breath blowing upon it.  Watch for it!!  Watch for it!!  There will be a clashing of winds but hear me says the Lord.  This south wind will not be stopped.  As the North and South winds collide there will be a great distubance both in the Heavens and in the earth.  This wil be a sign that change is happening.  Get ready, get ready, get ready! The south wind is on the move!